Our Laser Technology

Astanza Duality
The Astanza Duality laser is the gold standard for tattoo removal across the United States. The Duality combines a number of features to provide the most effective ink removal capable from an individual laser. Duality tattoo removal can remove tattoos of every color and guarantee maximum efficiency during each treatment.

The Duality uses Q-switched laser technology to produce exceptionally brief and powerful pulses of laser energy. This laser energy enters the skin in mere nanosecond pulses that target the tattoo ink deep within the dermis. These quick pulses of energy allow the tattoo to be treated while leaving the surrounding skin tissue unharmed.

This increased level of power produced by the Q-switching elements of the Duality are designed specifically to treat unwanted tattoo ink from start to finish. Some other laser technologies do not provide the power necessary to completely eliminate a tattoo, and often allow the laser energy to stay in the skin too long, damaging tissue.

An additional degree of safety included with the Duality is a square spot laser beam. Having a square beam insures that the laser’s energy is distributed evenly across the treatment area. This added feature minimizes treatment overlap and maximizes skin safety. When deep layers of skin are overexposed to laser energy, sensitive skin types and darker skin tones are susceptible to negative side effects. The Duality laser at Vanishing Ink MD has the square spot feature to avoid those negative effects.

In addition to the advanced power and safety of the Astanza Duality laser, it also has the impressive ability to target the vast majority of ink colors. The Duality combines two wavelengths of light energy – 1064nm and 532nm – doubling our versatility for treating colorful tattoos.

The result of advanced Duality tattoo removal is flawless skin, safely free of your unwanted tattoo.

At Vanishing Ink MD, our Duality laser can ensure that each tattoo removal treatment is tailored to meet the removal needs of your unwanted tattoo. Dr. Baker can utilize each wavelength offered by the Duality to treat each color in the most effective manner. Vanishing Ink MD has truly invested in the ability to give patients the best tattoo removal possible.