Tattoo Regret

TattooWhy remove a tattoo? There are as many reasons to remove a tattoo as there are to get one in the first place. Unfortunately, “Tattoo regret” is estimated to occur among forty to fifty percent of those with tattoos. Tattoo regret is not the end of the world. Tattoos can be removed in part or completely dependent upon the individual’s preference.

Years ago tattoos had to be surgically removed or ground from the skin with a device similar to a hand sander with salt crystals being used as the abrasive-extremely painful and minimally effective in removing tattoo ink but extremely effective in causing scarring. Sad to say, but both of these techniques are still used by some individuals and clinics.

Dr. Baker, the Vanishing Ink MD, will personally utilize his state of the art Astanza Q switch laser to safely, affordably and conveniently remove your tattoo.

You haven’t seen Sally, once the love of your life, in 5 years except when you (and your current lady) look at the tattoo on your arm. Time for it to go!

The job you really wanted and were just right for went to the young woman without the tattoo of the unicorn and the pixie on her neck. This occurred because the personnel manager thought that your tattoo did not convey the correct company image. (Small minded perhaps but always remember: “The boss may not always be right, but she is always the BOSS!) You would have worn a turtleneck but the interview was in Houston in July! Time for it to go!

You may have a beautiful dragon on your back which you don’t want to remove in its entirety but you have moved beyond the guy whose name is held in one of the dragon’s claws. Time for it to go! (Dr. Baker will preserve the dragon and just remove the name.)

Does that symbol or foreign writing prominently seen on your tummy really say “Truth and Beauty” as you were led to believe? Check out the true meaning because one we recently saw, when accurately translated, cast aspersions on the parentage of the proud bearer of the ink! It may have been beautiful but the “truth” was missing! Time for it to go!

Can’t think of what to give Mom for Christmas or her birthday? How about getting rid of that tattoo she has always hated and of which you are privately not too fond? She will love the sentiment and you even more! A Win-Win for both of you! Time for it to go!

Let Dr. Baker help you clear the air as well as any part or all of an unwanted tattoo. Reveal the real you!

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